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October 28, 2022
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IGCSE Tuition – Why IGCSE Is More Demanding Than GCSE

If you want to continue your studies after completing GCSE, then IGCSE is a great option. This two-year program is a little more demanding than GCSE, but still accessible in Singapore. You’ll be able to apply to universities abroad after completing this program and you’ll have more subject options than ever.

IGCSE is a two-year program from the University of Cambridge

The IGCSE is an internationally recognised two-year program that is delivered in over 140 countries. This programme offers courses in four categories, including English and mathematics, and is recognized by universities and colleges across the world. Its subjects are taught by highly qualified teachers who have international experience. The IGCSE aims to teach students how to apply their knowledge to different contexts. In addition to these core subjects, students can take optional subjects and complete personal projects to enhance their learning.

The IGCSE is a two-year educational program that emphasizes developing skills that will enable students to solve higher order problems. It requires external examinations and encourages study of a wide range of subjects. The curriculum also focuses on global issues that relate to 21st century problems. Students can earn a higher education and a better job by completing these courses.

It is more challenging than GCSE

If you’re deciding between IGCSE and GCSE, you should understand the differences between the two qualifications and whether IGCSE tuition is more difficult. The IGCSE is a wider-ranging qualification, accessible to students of all levels, and the questions are often differentiated according to their difficulty levels. In addition, the examination format allows for more time for students whose first language is not English. This allows them to develop their language skills and demonstrate their knowledge in exam conditions.

The IGCSE curriculum is more challenging than GCSE. It is designed to prepare students for further study at university in the UK and around the world, including the IB Diploma Programme. The curriculum is also more practical and focuses on real-life applications. In addition to its international acceptance, IGCSE is also recognized by many colleges and universities in India.

It is an exam-based program

IGCSE tuition is offered by independent tutors and schools. These courses offer a broad range of courses and can cater to students of all abilities. In addition, students can pick subjects based on their capacity and proficiency. These courses are especially beneficial for students who have learning difficulties. IGCSE tutors foster continuous assessment and qualitative feedback, and help students to develop a passion for the subject.

The syllabus of Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics is designed to promote the development of mathematical knowledge, focusing on solving problems, presenting results and communicating mathematical concepts. Students develop confidence by applying their knowledge in different contexts.

It is available in Singapore

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an international educational examination, which most Singaporean students take once a year. This examination is equivalent to the GCE ‘O’ level in Singapore’s national school system and is usually taken in Year 4 (Grade 10). Upon passing the exam, IGCSE students can continue to study for the GCE ‘A’ level or even the International Baccalaureate. Private tutors are often sought after by students seeking IGCSE tuition.

A quality tutor is able to teach IGCSE subjects with a personalized approach. These tutors are experienced in working with students at different learning speeds and can adapt their approach to match individual learning styles. They can also manage students’ attention spans and provide homework solutions and study material.

Cost of IGCSE tuition

The cost of IGCSE tuition varies between private learning centres and home-schooling. The private option is often more affordable than the home-schooling option, but it requires private candidates to take the IGCSE exam at test centres chosen by the learning centre. The fee for an IGCSE paper can cost anywhere from RM600 to RM2,800. If you opt for private tuition, it is important to research different learning centres before signing up for their courses. Many pre-university foundation programmes require five or six IGCSE subjects as part of their curriculum.

Depending on the school and the grade you’re applying for, tuition fees will vary. For example, a Jr. KG student will pay around Rs 2,09,000 per year. The fee can be paid in two installments: once a year or term by term. However, fees paid at the time of admission cannot be refunded.

Resources for IGCSE tutors

If you are looking for a quality IGCSE tutor in your area, you have many options. You can find many resources online. You can find free or paid resources to help you prepare your students for their exam. There are also websites that offer tutoring for students who are not able to attend classes.

An experienced IGCSE tutor can help your student learn a variety of subjects and develop their thinking skills. He or she will teach you how to evaluate evidence and construct arguments, which is an essential skill for any IGCSE exam. This will help your child to gain a strong foundation for the next step in their academic life.

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